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SFACTS - GRANT ERP which is a Proprietary software application (having received the IP Rights on our product) designed to meet the restricted and unrestricted grant accounting requirements. A fund based Accounting solution may be termed as a method of accounting which enables the Institution / Organization to track the expenses, commitment (Encumbrance/ Reserve/Obligation) and the balance against a specific grant/fund. The method of accounting not only enables to allocate the grant but also facilitate the double entry method or accrual method of accounting to derive various financial reports (Income & Expenditure, Balance Sheet, Schedules etc).

The SFACTS is a seamless comprehensive software solution in the eGovernance space which is designed to meet the restricted and unrestricted grant accounting requirements. Our application can effectively manage the Research Grant processes; Plan & Non-Plan fund management with GFR compliances.

SFACTS is a fully integrated ERP system with rich features designed exclusively for managing the specific requirements of Research and Development Institutions. The comprehensive functionality of SFACTS has a unique implementation and support approach will deliver a superior value

The key features of this comprehensive (E R P) solution are:

  • - A complete GFR compliant solution
  • - Based on Fund / grant principles with 'perpetual' / double-entry accounting standards
  • - The solution will effectively manage the entire gamut of Project Accounting Management (Extra Mural, Intra Mural & Plan)
  • - Fully integrated HCM Solution with complete Payroll management which includes 7th PAY COMMISSION structures & arrears process
  • - An exclusive Employee Self-Service Portal which empowers every employee to review, request their information and need which is based on the Policy & structures of the Institution
  • - Workflow based solution brings in transparency and accountability at every levels of operation
  • - Dashboards, Analytic helps in proactive decision making.

SFACTS will assure the following objectives:

  • - Improve operational Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • - Opportunity for Continuous Improvement and Decision
  • - Improve Performance, Quality and User Satisfaction
  • - Optimize user experience through proactive support and maintenance
  • - Cross-Platform with other technological tools for effective adoption
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