eGovernance Implementation – Technology or Domain ??

In any eGovernance implementation, often focused on the technology, product tool, its interface and other issues which are largely related to systems.

In our view the Technology or the software product should act as an enabler – While software / application implementing,  the approach should be on the ‘domain knowledge imparting‘ and its related processes, policies and controls.  Because the end-user understand this easily as their day-to-day work revolves around it.  The language and grammar they comprehend is also on their work related activities rather than on the technology processes.

If end-user appreciates the domain strength available in the solution and the domain competency of the implementing team, the adoption would  be faster and effective.

This approach also helps in more partnerships from the end-user team and it further builds constructive and robust solution…


Change & Adopt | Attitude is a big challenge

We endeavour to bring the change in the attitude towards the eGovernance in a Public / Govt Setup.  The challenges of these changes is largely ‘human behaviour’ than adoption of technology.

We constantly work with various stake holder in an Organization to bring this change – Change for better.

Few pointers for effective change management:

  • Hand-hold the end-user and share the perspectives of the solution and its benefits – Explicitly explain “What’s in it for me“!!
  • Involve senior management team on regular review and appreciate the effort of the end-user in adopting the solution
  • Enable with analytics which helps in better decision making process
  • Review constantly and recalibrate the process for improved efficiency